The Nihon institute foundation , school of universal comprehensive thought born in Colombia with the aim expanding their knowledge and practice, QR all branches of knowledge.





Institute of Japanese , Egyptian and oriental millenary medicine integrated with allopathic medicine conventional where they develop  and apply different prevention methods and health promotion run by different brunches  of medicine-medical experts scientific and professional from the same area.




The NIHON institute provides a comprehensive , on the basis of a clinical diagnosis therapy and paraclinico , while the psychological condition of the patient are analyzed in order to obtain and improved fast and durable . to impart specific instructions that effect that harmonization if, in relation to their physical environment and with  its  half partners-familiar. The treatment is aspect of spiritual formation, whereas the spirit are source generating and guiding human behavior . without  referring to a  specific concepts and with a holistic vision of the human being are used in the treatment , from message with oriental technique to physiotherapy , passing through the education aspects of the processes food of ancient traditional , (all under the directionof sensei, with over thirty years of )experience through  various countries  of the world).



The NIHON institute foundation, school with integral though  universal,, born in Colombia with the aim of expanding  their knowledge  and practice, all branches of knowledge .



The history will founder  only 6 hours after birth are you I would inform the mother that her son had been born with epileptic catalepsy ,incurable disease with episodes in which the child lost the sense, vital sign absent for hours or days waking up with epileptic seizures . thus early years  passed his life while that mother was selling cigarettes and candy in the street looking for the same time to someone who will help you with the illness of his son ,who was attended many physician which always concluded the same.it was an incurable disease.

6 years and a half came change for the life of the child ,could enter an acupuncture  treatment with experts in a place not  near . The blessed needles  used in treatment , were saved by child which to feel relief was placed in his body. Four months later when their teachers realized what had happened , he started the NIHON institute.


The digital system to reconnect the brain circuits by him and who gave you this knowledge , it is unique in the world . long time ago entering the allopathic medicine , for learning ,it was quite clear that the science that was healing him was the learned child.


At the age of thirteen , was he’s last episode cataleptic  epileptic.


Later, due to an accident , his right leg is committed whit gangrene ,another ordeal being no more option than amputation of the same .it creates new channels of acupuncture with ability to treat any type of terminal illness at any stage, with system of unique message , meditation , zen and with faith . some months later the other les is committed.


Using fish bones to not found the needles, the accomplished defend them from amputation and so can today in day even with heavy consequence that persist at gastric level and legs, he can walk after 3 years stay in wheelchair  (he call sport car). The hard heart problems , beat them with a system of internal needles unique in the world.



This knowledge is that we give whenever someone attends to the institute.





Run different wellness programs to promote the development of the human being in your physical appearance –energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual on the basis of the ancient knowledge of the culture of japan. the Japanese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine , integrated medicine allopathic and culture of the west.




Expand the benefits  of culture and Japanese medicine throughout the world and east already integrated to allopathic medicine of western culture for improve the quality og life of human being on this planet.




Middle east culture investigations .,

Expand the benefits of true medicine throughout the world .

Strengthen and expand the oriental culture in the west.

We will be pioneers in the expansion of japan culture to medicine to Japanese millenarian , together with china  and allopatic medicine of the west.

Improve the quality of life of the human being.





We have approximately 12 years in Colombia implemented our techniques in different types of population , from children in the mother’s womb to senior .we serve patient with all types of diseases especially chronic cases or stadiums terminals such as cancer , diabetes ,arthritis and infertility among and  others.: us well  we manage preventive medicine with medical treatment  already customized though conference in order to educate and raise awareness among the population about the importance of proper nutrition and healthy habits .These lectures have been made for schools , hotels, public and private companies  . envolved promoting health in event such as the world record of the takes of coffe, made by governorate of Boyaca wich was attended by more than 14000 people.

We have worked in different areas , Atlantic cost , eje cafetero, valle del cauca, Santander. And the greater part of the population has been dealt  in bogota and in  department  of boyaca where come thousand of people from all the municipalities and other cities and even other countries to receive their treatment doctor or to attend conferences of prevention of health there we do frequently.


In the me way we have done health brigades in several parts of Colombia, with communities indigenes ,civilians an uniform personnel of army and police.

Already started to expand the knowledge  applying at nihon in different part of the world , has worked in more than 8 countries in Europe, Venezuela , USA where has been given medical care and is fomented prevention is encouraged though  educational conferences





Doctor Hermes Avila Wilches de la  Universidad UIS de Bucaramanga, Psiquiatra de la Universidad de Barcelona


Médico Carlos Olarte de  la  Universidad Metropolitana de Barranquilla


Diana Marcela Ramírez Florian Fisioterapeuta Universidad Manuela Beltrán